Teatro Zocalo [Pilsen]

ACTIVATE! 2013 ENTRY - Honorable Mention



Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood is one of the most vibrant and active communities in the US; however, public space for discussion, debate, lectures of performance is limited and hard to come by.

TEATRO ZOCALO gives relief to the neighborhood’s cramped coffee shops, churches, and community rooms by offering a flexible space for formal or informal discussions, lectures, and performance - all while “greening” the street.

Sourced / reclaimed sheating is the basic building block of TEATRO ZOCALO. Material cutting and waste is minimized by using the 4’x8’ sheathing dimension as a base grid. All elements simply screw together.

Paint is to be applied to areas of the street, cubes, and Theater interior and flowering prairie grasses will be located throughout the project site to give the project a bright contrast.